Inland Empire Kennel Association, Inc.


President: Glen Larson
Vice President: Skip Mayther
Recording Secretary: Nina Mayther
Corresponding Secretary: Brenda Jordan
Treasurer: Sue Maggio
AKC Delegate: Connie Burnell
Breeder Referral: Denise Myers

Webmaster: Brenda Jordan

Members list:  (click name for email link or breed for website)

Suzi Bender                                    Whippets
Barbara Bittner                            Chinese Crested
Connie & Scott Brunell                 Afghan Hounds
Sandy Campbell                           West Highland White Terrriers
Janice Chaffin-Bell                      Chinese Crested
Michele Cheney                            Boxer
Edythe Coleman                          Salukis

Robert Crouch & Don Skaufel    West Highland White Terriers
Carol Cunningham
Margie Fedderly                            Shetland Sheepdogs & Belgian Tervuren
Brian & Lani Ferrante                Siberian Huskies
Pat Jones                                       Boston Terriers
Brenda Jordan                             Boxers

Irene Jordan                                 American Hairless Terrier and Papillion 
Glen & Marlene Larson               Boston Terrier & Old English Sheepdog
Sue Maggio                                    Siberian Huskies
Ray & Nina Mayther                    Miniature & Toy Poodles

Denise Myers                                Yorkshire Terriers
Maria Peck                                    Affenpincher & Tibetan Terriers

Ed & Karen Thomason                 American Staffordshire Terriers


Contact us via US Mail:

PO Box 4213   Spokane WA 99220



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