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Inland Empire Kennel Association AKC licensed All-Breed Kennel Spokane, WA.

since 1946


The History of the first kennel clubs in the United States were privately owned. Ms Frances Holland, the famous dog show judge, owned the Kennel Club of Spokane. After her death, several fanciers sought to promote dog shows in the Spokane area. They received permission for the American Kennel Club and formed what is now known as the Inland Empire Kennel Association. This club came into existance in 1946.

During the first years, the club held local dog shows in various locations. Some of those locations were; Fairchild Air Force Base hangers, the Armory and even the colleges were home to some of the local shows. One of the most prestigous shows was held in the Spokane Coliseum. Red carpet and spotlights added to the drama of Best in show.



The focus over the years has changed, not only to promote dog shows, but to include the interest and process of breeding purebred dogs. The goal of the club is to also educate the public about the proper care and responsibility of owning purebred dogs. Active members of the club also take an interest in breed rescue.  


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